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If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Jessica Naziri-Sabet, the founder and CEO of lifestyle and technology blog TechSesh, applied that age-old axiom to the planning of her wedding — which can sometimes be a job of its own.

She and her husband Michael Sabet chose a tech theme for their Los Angeles wedding, from the invitations to the bouquet. Sabet is also an entrepreneur and is the vice president and co-founder of Strategic Legacy Investment, a real estate investment firm in LA.

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The couple developed a custom app with digital wedding planner Joy to keep track of logistics. Through Minted, an online marketplace of artists and designers, the couple created paperless invitations and programs.

Later, a drone flying overhead captured the celebration from start to finish — including the host-provided charging stations for guests and the bride’s 3D printed headpiece and bouquet made from Belkin USB cables.

And a social media savvy wedding just wouldn’t be complete without four Snapchat filters specially designed for the day.

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Naziri says when she started planning, she found that she was less interested in flowers and dresses than in finding ways to incorporate what she loved most as she started a new chapter.

“I always wanted to plug into new technologies and make my wedding a modern-day experience, yet with age-old traditions. The tech theme just came about naturally because technology is such a large part of who I am,” Naziri told Entrepreneur. “I wanted to bring technology down the aisle with me.”

Click through the slideshow to check out photos from the happy couple’s techy wedding.

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