Tour the Clever, Multi-Purpose Office Designed for This Growing Moving Startup…


Updater knows moving. This technology startup builds software to manage the moving process, helping people organize everything from logistics to transitioning between utility companies.  

But in January 2017, the Manhattan-based company moved itself. Its 55-person team had outgrown its 2,300-square-foot-office and settled into one four times its size.

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Of course, moves always have their challenges. Before it moved, Updater wanted to design a space that would grow with the young startup. The company wanted to maintain the family feel it had in its cozier space, even with 55 staffers (and 10 of those remote). It also wanted a multi-functional space that would offer flexibility as the company grew further.

To that end, Updater enlisted TPG Architecture, the brains behind Spotify’s New York office, to design a multi-purpose, collaborative office filled with enough personalized touches that every visitor could feel welcome.

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It was a good plan. In less than a year, the still growing company has already reached its second phase of renovations and is making room for its latest crop of new hires.

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