Online Marketing Tools Stiforp…


How to use Stiforp system to promote your business online and get auto res-ponder when leads generated via customize landing page. Customize the video and web page to give more information. Create 20 message that will automatically follow up once lead join the mailing list. All you need to do is to publish your domain name to drive traffic or visitor into your landing web page.

Get more visibility via Facebook and Twitter or any other social media network that you are engage with.

If you have a traditional business, then you need online presence. More and more people are turning the internet, facebook, or their cell phones to find actual “brick and mortar” businesses. I have seen many businesses lose in this area because they are afraid of something new. Really, I understand keeping things strong and the “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken” mentality. I am not talking about changing you business and it’s core values. I am talking about innovation. When a business is innovative, it is strong. When a business breaks the mold and steps out into the world wide web frontier, they will find that more traffic will come. It will start as web traffic, but it a site is strong and easy to find, it will being foot traffic as well.


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