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5 Favorite Tools That Every Online Marketer Needs

Tube Buddy

Domain name

Click funnels



Whats good Weathbuilderz?
Its yah boy DeVaughn
back again with another video
Today we are talking about my 5 favorite tools
that puts my business on autopilot!!
Lets get it

So today I want to put you guys on to
my favorite tools of the trade
that helps me create a autopilot income

The Number one thing you should have is a Youtube channel
and actually use it
This will give you traffic even when you don’t have paid traffic
To really explode your Youtube channel you should get a buddy
You should be using tube buddy with your channel
there are some great features that really help me with building my channel
the link is in the description

The number two thing you should have is
a domain name to cloak your affiliate links
because it just looks better then a raw link
I recommend 1and1 to get your domain name

The number three tool you will need is a capture page provider
when your a online marketer your number one goal is
to grab as many leads as you can. But you must have a system
that helps you create sales funnels
I recommend Click funnels

The number four tool you should be using is a autoresponder
I recommend Aweber. Aweber is the best bang for your buck
when it comes to marketing this is the cornerstone of your marketing
email marketing with autoresponder your business moves while your sleep

The 5th tool you need is the main thing to make all these tools work
even your youtube channel
drum roll please1! its traffic. You have to have traffic!!

Without it your business is dead
its just that simple…its dead.
A dead business is a broke business.
I personally like solo ads..from Udimi
This link is also in the description
very affordable solo ads

Now all these tools are good and if you want to get them
go ahead and click the links in the your description
or you can check them out on my blog

now lets talk about this…
I have a system
that has most of these tools I’m talking about in this video
except the tubebuddy and domain name which you would need to get seperately
other then that we have the capture page builder, autoresponders,
and guess what we even have access to industry leading traffic
top teir leads for almost any business that you can buy
As a bonus we have a webinar platform included with this system.

If you want to skip out on paying all the high fees with Autoresponder or clickfunnels
then go ahead and click the first link below and check out what this system
has to offer you and your business.

Thanks for watching
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
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until next time its yah boy DeVaughn
signing off for

5 Favorite Tools That Every Online Marketer Needs The Wealthbuilderz way!

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